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2C drug Effects of 2C

2cb side effects

As with every hallucinogen, there’s an undercurrent of paranoia to some 2C-B trips that can leave the user feeling at odds with their surroundings. At one point, Mo stops dancing and puts his soaking-wet T-shirt back on, before looking around confused. He also checks his phone and sees it’s much earlier than imagined; the sense of time passing quicker is another effect of 2C-B. “It’s the most widespread party drug after MDMA, coke and ketamine,” says Mo when I speak to him days later, “but it’s still common to find people who’ve never heard of it.” If you or someone you know is demonstrating signs of drug addiction, seek treatment immediately.

It is illegal in the United States, Canada, the European Union (except the Czech Republic and Portugal), Australia, and more. 2C-B has been used as an aphrodisiac, entheogen, dance drug, ecstasy adulterant, and psychotherapeutic aid. However, it has yet to gain widespread acceptance and it has been banned in most countries since the mid-1990s.

Analogues and derivatives

Alexander Shulgin states in PiHKAL that “over the 12 to 24 milligram range, every 2 milligrams can make a profound increase or change of response.” Therefore, it is critical that doses are measured accurately. There is an absence of scientific research on the effects of long-term use of 2C-B and 2C-B drug addiction. There are no scientifically tested treatment plans for addressing 2C-B addiction, but the general guidelines laid out by the National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA), may be followed.

There’s also been reports of numerous darknet dealers selling 2C-B as MDMA. 2C-B induces a psychedelic experience including alterations to mood, as well as visual and auditory hallucinations. The nature of a 2C-B trip can be emotionally challenging for some people, inducing states of anxiety and paranoia.

These are typically taken orally and the standard oral dose is between mg. The drug’s effects increase and decrease in intensity over the course of a trip, though in large part 2C-B is much more controllable than other hallucinogens like LSD and psilocybin mushrooms. He isn’t the only one; back in the club, it’s so warm that condensation is literally dripping down the walls. He’s also getting closed-eye visualisations (CEVs) – colourful patterns that morph repeatedly – but, beyond the trailing lights, he’d need a bigger dose to experience full-on open-eye visualisations (OEVs). Unlike MDMA, it doesn’t deplete serotonin, the chemical in our bodies that tells us to be happy. Instead, it mimics it – in the same way as certain antidepressants – meaning sad thoughts and exhaustion after use, along with long-term damage to brain cells (neurotoxicity), aren’t as likely.

There isn’t any research at this point looking at whether 2C-B can be abused. More classic psychedelics such as LSD and shrooms are considered nonaddictive. In fact, they’ve both shown promise for substance use disorders such as alcoholism and nicotine addiction in clinical trials. But because 2C-B is also a stimulant, there may be a potential for abuse that doesn’t exist with LSD and shrooms. As with all psychedelics, it’s important to engage in best practices such as creating the proper set and setting before diving in, especially if you’ve never done 2C-B before and aren’t quite sure what to expect.

2cb side effects

The most common report is that there is practically no next-day comedown or hangover and that the whole experience is much more gentle than its cousins MDMA and LSD. Studies on the toxicological detection of the designer drug 4-bromo-2,5-dimethoxy-beta-phenethylamine (2C-B) in rat urine using gas chromatography-mass spectrometry. B, Analytical Technologies in the Biomedical and Life Sciences, 846(1-2), 374-7. Most but not all users report a tolerance effect from regular use (more than once every five to seven days).

-B Side Effects

And like all psychedelics, those with certain mental health conditions, like schizophrenia or bipolar disorder, also need to be extra careful because of the increased risk of inducing a psychotic or manic reaction. It seems so for healthy individuals, and there have been no deaths linked to its use. But as Nichols points out, “until there are formal preclinical toxicology studies, however, I think no one can be sure it is completely safe.” If a lethal dose exists, it’s still unknown. And although some reddit users report doses of 100 mg and sometimes more without physical harm, many recommend staying under 35 mg to avoid completely disorienting and possibly frightening psychedelic experiences. It is important to note there have been deaths linked to other substances in the 2C family (like 2C-T-7 and 2C-I-NBOMe), and one woman suffered brain injury after ingesting an unknown dose of possibly impure 2C-B. What’s more, some reddit users reported experiencing HPPD after high dose experiences, and two of my 31 survey respondents reported seeing some trails in the weeks following their 2C-B trip, although they eventually faded.

Each center is ready to help people learn how to cope with their addiction and uncover the root causes for their substance use disorder. There’s very little current information about 2C drugs’ addictiveness. As hallucinogens, they can make you experience reality in a distorted way that may cause hallucinations (seeing and hearing things that aren’t there). Nevertheless, the few cases of long-term psychosis attributed to 2C-B are highly questionable, and it’s not known that the drug was even involved.

  1. On a Saturday night in a north London club, 26-year-old Mo swallows a pink pill with a mouthful of Red Bull.
  2. ‘Set’ refers to a person’s mind-set including their mood, thoughts and expectations.
  3. While hallucinogens are not typically addictive, 2C-B’s stimulant effects can lead to addiction, causing long-term negative effects.
  4. It is potentially very dangerous in combination with MAOIs, tramadol, mescaline, amphetamines, cocaine, and others.
  5. In the case of 2C-B addiction treatment, there is no evidence to suggest whether it is optimal to quit 2C-B cold turkey or gradually.

He also suggested that the drug could be used in conjunction with MDMA to ease the comedown and solidify any revelations brought on by the experience. During the peak, people report enhanced moods and feelings of stimulation, but with less “pushiness” than MDMA. People often describe 2C-B as far more malleable, allowing them to go in and out of baseline consciousness, sometimes abruptly, even during peak effects. Others find themselves dealing with difficult emotions such as anger, grief, and fear. 2C-B is a potentially illegal substance, and we do not encourage or condone the use of this substance where it is against the law.

-B Long-Term Side Effects

In the Netherlands, 2C-B became a list I substance of the Opium Law despite no health incidents occurring. Following the ban, other phenethylamines were sold in place of 2C-B until the Netherlands became the first country in the world to ban 2C-I, 2C-T-2 and 2C-T-7 alongside 2C-B. In Belgium, 2C-B is a controlled substance making production, distribution, and possession illegal. 2C-B is controlled in Australia and on the list of substances subject to import and export controls (Appendix B). It was placed on Schedule One of the Drugs Misuse and Trafficking Act when it first came to notice in 1994, when in a showcase legal battle chemist R.

Alexander Shulgin came to Australia to testify on behalf of the defense, to no avail. Mixing drugs is always risky but some mixtures are more dangerous than others. For example, 2CB and 2CT-7 have been sold as white powders or small 5mg pills.

What to Do During a Bad Trip or Overdose

However, extra caution is needed as 2C-I (another 2C drug with different effects) will also give a yellow/green colour using the Marquis Reagent (NIK® test A). The dosage of 2C-B is in the milligram region and the effects are highly dose dependent. There is a very steep dose response curve, which means that small changes to the dose that may be undetectable by eye could have drastic effects on the 2C-B experience.

Horror stories in sensationalist media have portrayed 2C-B as a deadly, threatening drug.[50][51] And while its toxicity profile has yet to be fully established, such reports are dubious, to say the least. Aside from the fact that aggression and violence are rarely mentioned in users’ reports, 2C-B is difficult to detect in the body. So unless the compound is confirmed in a lab, it’s fair to assume that other, lesser-known drugs are responsible. Though there isn’t much research into the psychological or physiological effects of 2C-B, there is plenty of anecdotal evidence that suggests it could be beneficial for both therapeutic purposes and personal/spiritual development. Shulgin himself recommended the use of this compound in therapy and gave it to a handful of psychologists to use with patients.