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Alcohol and Aging Effects: Does Alcohol Make You Look Older?

does alcohol make you look older

We use evidence-based methods to help you moderate or stop drinking, and our convenient smartphone app makes the whole process portable. You no longer need to disrupt your life in order to start drinking less. Liver disease caused by heavy drinking can cause jaundice and hyperpigmentation, which will give the skin a darker appearance. Alcoholic drinks are high in calories and have no nutritional benefit to your body.

Heavy alcohol use can even prevent the male body from being able to make testosterone properly. This combination of hormonal issues can lead to the development of breasts in men. It can also lead to men carrying their weight around their hips and thighs instead of their bellies. This is a negative thing because men are supposed to carry more weight in their bellies while women are supposed to carry more weight around their hips and thighs. While drinking may help some people fall asleep, it ultimately leads to a less restful night’s sleep, which can be debilitating when combined with other menopause symptoms. In older adults, especially, too much alcohol can lead to balance problems and falls, which can result in hip or arm fractures and other injuries.

In turn, this creates the red and warm feeling on your skin. If you or someone you know is suffering from an addiction to alcohol or any other substance, contact us today. We want to help you get on the road to recovery so that you can live a happy, healthy, and sober life. Many addiction treatment programs, support groups, and 12 step programs provide the tools needed in order to be successful after detox. That way people with alcohol use problems can receive the help and support that they need while they continue to live their lives. Typically your tolerance level to alcohol will go up the more you drink.

Drinking Is Probably Aging You Much More Than You Realize

In some cases, you may even notice that minor ailments due to alcohol consumption are now becoming more serious. As you grow older, health problems or prescribed medicines may require that you drink less alcohol or avoid it completely. You may also notice that your body’s reaction to alcohol is different than before. Some older people feel the effects of alcohol more strongly without increasing the amount they drink. This can make them more likely to have accidents such as falls, fractures, and car crashes. Also, older women are more sensitive than men to the effects of alcohol.

does alcohol make you look older

If you’re questioning your relationship with alcohol, Manning suggested that you first try to go 30 days without it and see how you feel. But that doesn’t mean you should also give up your social life. She said the worst thing you can do during this process is isolate yourself. Joy Manning, a Philadelphia-based freelance writer and creator of the Instagram account Better Without Booze, can also attest to the life-changing effects of sobriety. She said she just celebrated her 600th day of not drinking. While your skin can regain its supple and dewy complexion after several days of rehydration, broken blood vessels are a lot harder to fix.

How does drinking damage the body?

Sometimes, families, friends, and health care workers may overlook the concerns about older people drinking. This can be the case because the side effects of drinking in older adults are mistaken for other conditions related to aging, for example, a problem with balance. Broken capillaries, the tiny blood vessels near the surface of the skin, tend to crop up as you get older. If you drink too much, the blood vessels can burst, causing red spots and spidery splotches.

  1. There are many potential reasons to cut down on or to stop drinking.
  2. Even one night of heavy drinking can make your lines and wrinkles look more pronounced.
  3. She’s passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices.
  4. This helps prevent you from becoming dehydrated when you’re not drinking.
  5. Mixing it with certain sleeping pills, pain medications, or anxiety drugs can be life-threatening.
  6. People who drink may notice that they’re “feeling no pain” sooner as they get older.

Alcohol and aging are also synonymous due to the negative effects alcohol has on the body. Women who had 28 drinks or more per week had a 33 percent higher chance of developing the same syndrome. By adding extra stress to your body and depriving it of the nutrients it needs to rebuild, alcohol can place you years ahead in the aging process, and affect how you look. While it might not much attention, alcohol and aging is a real thing. Over time, heavy alcohol use can result in changes to the skin.

Living With Purpose May Help Seniors Sleep Soundly

Feeling better inside almost always means looking better on the outside. And although cutting back on alcohol can give your skin a chance to regenerate, some damage cannot be reversed. All in all, the sooner you quit or moderate your drinking, the better.

What are signs of alcohol misuse or alcohol use disorder?

Liver disease caused by alcohol use can cause hyperpigmentation, palmar erythema, jaundice, generalized pruritus, and caput medusae. Alcohol can change the appearance of your mouth and the skin on your face. Vidya Rao is a freelance writer and multimedia content creator with more than a decade of experience specializing in wellness, food and small business journalism. She’s passionate about amplifying underrepresented voices. To find alcohol treatment for yourself or a loved one, visit the NIAAA Alcohol Treatment Navigator.

But too much can lead to an abnormal heartbeat and high blood pressure. It’s a natural process called intrinsic aging, and it’s something you can’t control. Extrinsic aging is when your skin ages faster than it should because of your environment and how you live. That’s where alcohol comes in — it dehydrates you and dries out your skin.

Scientists from the University of Milan in Italy also tried to answer the question “Does alcohol make you age? They also found that alcohol consumption accelerates the onset of old age among other things. Alcohol damages cells – telomeres – the end sections of chromosomes, which are shortened with each cell division. Scientists found that those who drank more than 4 servings of alcohol per day, had almost twice faster telomere division. This explains why people who drink appear much older than their age and develop age-related diseases, including cancer, earlier. There are just as many negative invisible body changes that can occur due to heavy drinking as there are visible body changes.

This is because of the damage that alcohol can do to the body’s organs as well as chemicals in the body. Let’s take a look at some of the ways that alcohol affects the aging process. Let’s also take a look at why, as you get older, drinking alcohol may affect you differently. There are many ways alcohol can put an extra strain on your body.

There are many potential reasons to cut down on or to stop drinking. The stakes are high this year, and our 2024 coverage could use continued support. If circumstances have changed since you last contributed, we hope you’ll consider contributing to HuffPost once more. Get in contact with us today, or learn more about how our program works. Soon, you can be on the road to a more youthful self—inside and out.