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How to Pass a Hair Follicle Drug Test with Pictures

how to pass a hair drug test

The individual collects a hair sample according to the provided instructions and sends it to a designated laboratory for analysis. This method offers convenience and privacy for individuals, as they can collect the sample at their own convenience. Whereas urine drug tests can detect recent drug use, hair follicle drug tests have a much larger window of detection. This allows persistent drug use to be detected along with more isolated instances of drug use.

  1. Other brands can cost less (though might not test for as many substances).
  2. If you believe your hair drug test results are inaccurate, you may immediately request a retest from your employer.
  3. However, all hair samples are typically visually inspected on arrival at a lab.
  4. All laboratories have no standard positive cutoff values, which may vary among labs.
  5. This second test can also test for specific drugs and can detect as many as 17 different drugs.

Now you find yourself in a dilemma, as you must prove your clean record to secure your new role. In this scenario, you must navigate the challenges of the hair drug test to ensure your employment prospects remain intact. Considering your situation, some individuals explore specialized shampoos such as Old Style Aloe Toxin Rid or Zudot Ulrta Clean to enhance their chances of passing the test. Marijuana can be detected in a hair follicle drug test for an extended period, typically up to 90 days or even longer after use. Another myth is that shaving your head or body hair will lead to a negative result in a hair follicle drug test.

How Much Does a Hair Follicle Drug Test Cost?

Some health insurance companies cover the cost of hair follicle drug testing for medical purposes. Although hair samples undergo a two-step testing process, they are not 100 percent accurate. The latter will give you a few days of drug-free hair until drugs re-enter from the bloodstream and become detectable by hair analysis. However, a hair test requires a 1.5-inch sample, meaning this trick won’t work. Various DIY remedies from Reddit and marijuana forums either don’t work, or the lab may be familiar with them. According to a paper published in the Forensic Science International journal, bleaching can reduce drug metabolites down to 20-39% of their original presence.

how to pass a hair drug test

A urine drug test can only detect drug use for several days, while a hair follicle drug test can pick up on drug use for a longer period of time. Some urine tests provide instant results, but hair tests must be sent to a lab for completion. Hair samples that produce a positive result for ELISA testing will undergo a second test, such as GC-MS. A positive result with confirmatory testing means that the laboratory confirmed the presence of specific drug metabolites in the person’s hair sample. Some detoxification shampoos are designed specifically to permanently reduce toxin levels in the hair strand so they fall below detectable levels in a laboratory hair test.

How to use a home hair follicle drug test

However, testing technology has drastically improved throughout the years. Most home remedies no longer have the ability to produce desired results, if they ever did at all. It can only show whether a substance has been used within the past 90 days. People who shave their entire bodies may not be able to provide a usable sample of hair.

However, it does make it easier to try and fool the testing laboratory. Another person’s hair sample could easily be sent in for testing under your own name. In the same way, fake hair or your pet’s clippings could be submitted. However, all hair samples are typically visually inspected on arrival at a lab.

how to pass a hair drug test

Quitting drug use just before a hair follicle test will ensure a negative result is a myth. The fact is that hair follicle tests have a detection window of approximately 3 months, so quitting shortly before the test may not be sufficient to avoid detection. Exposure to secondhand smoke, like weed smoke, is unlikely to lead to a positive result in hair follicle drug tests.

How Long Does Weed Stay in A Hair Follicle

This is possible because drugs present in the bloodstream actually become a part of hair cells as the hair grows. The sweat and sebum present on your scalp may also play a role in drug presence in existing strands of hair. Many insurance carriers cover drug tests if it’s performed within a hospital for medical purposes, like an inpatient stay or an emergency room visit.

How long does cannabis stay in your hair?

Some foods like poppy seeds, prescription medication, and NicoDerm CQ can cause false positives during hair follicle testing for drugs. Also, samples are always washed before analysis so that environmental contaminants won’t appear on test results. Hair follicle drug tests involve removing a small hair sample for laboratory testing. Results can show if a person has been using certain drugs or prescription medications in the previous 3 months. Some employers provide hair follicle drug test kits that employees can use at home or in a controlled environment.

Pass a Hair Drug Test Fast: Everything You Need to Know

A person can usually access their test results by calling a toll-free number or going online and using the unique identification number that comes with the kit.

However, any drug you have taken directly will be found within the hair shaft itself. This means that any environmental exposure to marijuana can be differentiated from ingested marijuana. The time depends on several factors including the facility’s processing time, workload, test type, and drug type.

In a laboratory-based hair follicle drug test, a professional collects a hair sample, typically from the back of the head, using specific guidelines for sample size and location. Laboratory testing is considered the most accurate and reliable method for hair drug testing. It follows strict chain-of-custody procedures to ensure sample integrity. Imagine you’re a diligent job seeker who has just received your dream job offer from a prestigious corporation. Your acceptance of the job offer hinges on passing a comprehensive background check, which includes a 12-panel hair follicle drug test. During your college years, you used marijuana recreationally, unaware that hair follicle tests can detect drug use from up to 90 days prior.

They’ll use confidential means, like a secure fax, a phone call, or an online interface to share test results. You can wash your hair, dye your hair, and use styling products without affecting the accuracy of the test. If your workplace has mandated that you take the test, they’ll likely require you to be supervised during the testing process. When it comes to figuring out how to pass a drug test, everyone seems to have a secret home remedy that they swear by.