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Iodine and Bromine Detox With Unrefined Salt by Jeffrey Dach MD

bromide detox symptoms

There is a fear that runs rampant – especially in the medical community. It all stems from the Wolff Chaikoff Effect that was later retracted but few knew about it because it was hidden in a later scientific publication. The follow up article did not get as much attention as the first article. There is some information about electrolytes damaging liver and kidney cells in order to increase hydration. 2 What’s happening here is actually beneficial to some degree because it’s increasing our ability to hydrate.

  1. Two years since first discovering I had a 100% blockage (thru a simple urine test with my holistic practitioner) I have been doing what is called “Salt Loading”.
  2. Phase 1 – This phase consists of oxidation reduction and hydrolysis.
  3. Bromism is the syndrome which results from the long-term consumption of bromine, usually through bromine-based sedatives such as potassium bromide and lithium bromide.

Sometimes I notice my brain fog clear within seconds, sometimes I feel it slowly help. I have had a handful of people reach out to me from either the emergency room or with paramedics at their home due to a major electrolyte imbalance that caused them to have a reaction. Every time this happened except one time, it was most likely due to people drinking salt water at least once per day for a week or more. Sustained overconsumption of sodium, particularly as salt, has been related to development of hypertension in sensitive individuals. 1 When we add salt to our food, most of it will be absorbed in our gut, which can limit how much it want’s to absorb and pass the rest.

When starting to supplement and having some minor issues like headaches or joint pain, salt loading (1 tsp of salt in warm water) can assist. If it persists then more magnesium and Vit C often relieves the symptoms. If they continue after these two strategies have been tried then Pulse Dosing is the next line of defense. If all of these fail to resolve the issues then a more intense detox support protocol as defined above would be needed. Another issue I am noticing is that people who drink salt water all the time because they read it’s good, are having bromine detox reactions.

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Except salt water is supposed to help us detox bromine, so how are they experiencing bromine detox? I’m not sure how, but it seems like constant salt loading reduces our ability to bind bromine and remove it, which is the exact reason we’re using salt loading in the first place. There are several people in the iodine community advocating for daily salt loading. Some doctors have their patients doing several per day. Although this process is relatively safe, we’re all very different. So it might not be the best idea to dive into this method full force and assume there are no drawbacks.

bromide detox symptoms

So every single day for 1 month, I dissolved 1 teaspoon of Himalayan rock salt into 1 litre of filtered water and drank it throughout the day. After this solid salty month, I have simply continued to add plenty of Himalayan rock salt to my food, along with a ½ teaspoon to my morning lemon or apple cider vinegar tea. By reversing the competitive inhibition of the halogens — iodine supplementation will help the body excrete excess bromine. Salt, which provides a large amount of the chloride, can also help the body eliminate bromine. One of the most common questions and misconceptions is on the topic of an iodine overload vs a detox symptom from iodine pushing out toxic halides. The root of the issue is a mass misunderstanding of iodine in general.

I personally do not think salt loading is good long-term

The last time I downloaded my Facebook chat log, I had connected with 2,000 people through messenger. During these discussions, I have learned a lot of details about how various things work or do not work for others. This is actually part of how I originally how I learned so much about health. See the Guide to Supplementing with Iodine Stephanie Burst ND, What you need to know to get started with Iodine Supplementation. Numerous testimonials prove The Iodine Companion Nutrients, including ATP CoFactors, enhance cell detoxification.

bromide detox symptoms

This is why I save salt loading for bromine detox symptoms, and get as much salt as I can on my food. When starting The Iodine Protocol, or just increasing our unrefined salt intake, we may find ourselves dislodging and detoxing bromine. Bromine is iodine’s evil sibling that makes it harder for our body to remain saturated with iodine. Today’s environment of new products gassing off, medications and food ingredients etc are overloading us with bromine while most of us are not exposed to much iodine at all. If I don’t notice relief and do not urinate in minutes, my body may have needed the sodium, and used it for other processes instead of binding with bromine.

Common bromide toxicity symptoms

This makes the toxin water soluble so that it can be excreted easily from the body through the water containing fluids like bile or urine. The following chart outlines the nutrients required by each phase to function at optimum levelsas well as some supporting nutrients to assist the process. Bromism is the syndrome which results from the long-term consumption of bromine, usually through bromine-based sedatives such as potassium bromide and lithium bromide. Nevertheless, some adults fail to escape from the usually transient Wolff–Chaikoff effect and remain hypothyroidic (iodide myxedema) or progress to hyperthyroidism (Jod–Basedow effect) [207].

But when we drink salt water, most of it will be absorbed into our blood stream just about instantly where it is essentially forced though our organs. I’ll be honest with you, it has been a very slow process, and in fact, it’s still going. Two years since first discovering I had a 100% blockage (thru a simple urine test with my holistic practitioner) I have been doing what is called “Salt Loading”.

My lastest test, in February of this year, showed that my body is now only 53% blocked. A great result from where I started, but still nowhere near good enough, especially for someone with Hashimoto’s. Imo, salt loading should be reserved for bromine detox symptoms.

This can come in handy for the right situations, but also carries the potential to cause offsets. As we push these bromine-based hormones out of our cells, we can potentially use salt loading to bind with bromine and remove it from our body the next time we urinate. As we increase the amount of iodine we’re exposed to, one of the substances we can very likely start knocking loose is bromine. Bromine is something we are extremely commonly exposed to in today’s environments and diets.

Consume an additional 1⁄2 tsp unprocessed sea salt throughout the day on foods. Observe subjective response (usually within several hours). Iodine users often use the salt loading protocol to clear bromide and many other detox symptoms. Salt has been used for over a hundred years by doctors to clear bromide symptoms. Firstly, your salt of choice is very important – it needs to be unrefined. I personally use Himalayan rock salt, however Celtic sea salt is also a great choice.

Bromide and Toxin Detox Symptoms and Solutions

This means stopping iodine for 48 hours to rest the kidneys while continuing with the Companion Nutrients. The contents of this website, such as graphics, text, images, and other material contained on the website are for informational purposes only and do not constitute medical advice. This Site and the Content are provided on an “as is” basis. Help me reach more people by creating high quality content. Due to everyone being so different, and iodine being such an important part of healing, iodine requires a lot of content from a lot of different angles.

Bromine is taking the place of iodine as we’ve been exposed to more bromine than iodine. One we get enough iodine to push the bromine out, it can find its way out in various ways depending how our body’s chemistry is currently running. According to iodine users with skin symptoms, adding 25mg zinc oftenhelps. Phase 1 – This phase consists of oxidation reduction and hydrolysis. Simply put it takes a toxic chemical and turns it into a non-toxic one. I have compiled this website in hopes that my journey might make yours a little easier.

Salt loading can potentially help us bind and remove bromine that has been knocked loose by iodine.